Scope of Activities

The scope of activities of the Center includes in particular:

  1. Undertaking activities and initiatives supporting research and development activities as well as innovative activities of the Center members.
  2. Cooperation of enterprises with the scientific and research and development sphere.
  3. Joint undertaking of activities aimed at obtaining funding in the field of research and development and innovation from external, domestic and foreign sources.
  4. Joint market research.
  5. HR training
  6. Raising the intellectual level as well as effectiveness and efficiency of management by employees and the management of enterprises.
  7. Improving the competitiveness of Center members, reducing production and service costs, and joint marketing activities.
  8. Conducting research on new production solutions and their implementation as well as introducing new products and services.
  9. Design and implementation of modern company management systems and modern integrated management information systems.
  10. Undertaking initiatives in the interest of Center members aimed at facilitating their activities and development as well as consolidating cooperation.
  11. Providing research, development and innovation services to external entities.
  12. Organizing training, consultation and counseling for members of the Center.
  13. Participation in scientific conferences, fairs and exhibitions.
  14. Enabling Center members to use intangible goods belonging to the Center (trademarks, utility models, copyrights, inventions, etc.) to increase research and development and innovation potential.
  15. Organizing undertakings promoting members of the Center, among others through marketing cooperation (promotion, catalogs, brochures, leaflets etc.) as well as purchases and sales as well as the construction of an internet portal and databases.
  16. Establishing mutual cooperation and exchange of experience between Center members.
  17. Providing the members of the Center with knowledge, knowledge, skills and concepts in the field of research and development and innovation.